What Does Your Choice of Pet Say About You?


Life feels more full when shared with an animal friend. Whether you deliberated long and hard over the exact variety and breed or your pet found its way into your arms unexpectedly, the animal you choose to open your home to says a lot about you. Exactly what, you ask? Read on for a deeper look into your own personality or to help decode the pet owners in your life.

Cats or Dogs?

Sunshine or rain? Beatles or Elvis? Cats or dogs? There’s a reason why people love to ask this question on a first date. It helps paint a vivid picture of someone’s lifestyle, likes, and dislikes. Without having to even discuss hobbies, answering this simple question can give you a pretty clear picture of how the person sitting across the table from you enjoys spending their Sunday afternoons. Curled up on the couch with the newspaper or riding a bike on the beach? Cat owners tend to be independent, equally content to take themselves out for dinner and a movie as they are enjoying happy hour with colleagues. They can be spontaneous, jaunting off to wine country for the weekend but love staying home by the fire on a rainy day. Dog owners, on the other hand, thrive on connections with others. Whatever the adventure, weekend hike or cross-country road trip, they have more fun when there is a friend at their side. They are loyal and are quick to make time to help out when a friend is in need.

Desert Dwellers

Whether one’s scaled friend is a gecko or a boa constrictor, they are most likely the curious and ambitious kind. They are not easily scared off and often direct in conversation. Reptile pets tell the world that their owners are not too shy to go after what they want whether that means scoring a second date with Mr. or Ms. Right or landing a dream job. Reptile owners can be home-bodies, but that does not mean they don’t have a thirst for fun. Snake and lizard lovers can make crafty board game opponents and card sharks.

Furry Critters

Bunnies, ferrets, hedgehogs, and hamsters–these pets are just as unique as their owners. People who gravitate towards the furry critter variety tend to be quirky, charming, and sweet (think Zooey Deschanel). They march to the beat of their own drum and often work in fields far from the mundane. Those who own critters as pets can be found working as a surf instructor, art therapist, or working in a veterinary office. They are fun loving and always down to try something new.

Water Babies

Contrary to what one might assume, those who own fish tend to be quite down to earth. Water bound animals make tranquil pets and that calming effect transfers to their owners. They tend to see the good in people and situations. They are planners who enjoy the safety of structure and routine. They also mostly shy away from ostentatious displays of wealth or stature, instead preferring to live a modest and quiet lifestyle.


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