Do Puggles Shed?

All dogs shed. It’s a perfectly natural process in which dead and loose hair falls off the fur. Puggles are no exception. They shed as well. In this article, though, I’ll answer the question whether Puggles shed a lot or not, as well as how to deal with a Puggle’s shedding problem.

Do Puggles Shed a Lot?

The answer is no, puggles do not shed a lot, they are considered to be moderate shedders.

How to Deal with a Puggle’s Shedding Problem?

If you were thinking about adopting a Puggle, don’t worry about the fact that Puggles are moderate shedders.

For one, Puggles have a rather short and thin coat, meaning the loose hair is not that apparent.

For two, the problem can be minimized by regular brushing. It’s advised to brush your Puggle at least once a week. That will remove loose hair and the rest of the week you’ll have a dog that won’t shed that much at all.

Some Other Things You Should Know About Puggles

puggles-shedIn addition to weekly brushing, Puggles also need to have their teeth cleaned at least twice a week, and nails cut once or twice a month.

In general this mix-breed dog is an excellent and friendly companion who gets a long great with kids as well as other animal. They do, though, like to be around people, and that’s why they should be indoor dogs. However, just like all dogs, Puggles need sunlight and want to play outside as well. So it’s necessary to take your Puggle outside for a walk or to play in the park at least 3-4 times a week.

In Conclusion

Puggles just like all dogs shed, but Puggles are far from the biggest shedders in the canine family. When it comes to shedding they are considered to be moderate, and as they have a rather thin and short fur, weekly brushing is enough to take care of the problem.

It’s only if you or anyone else in your household is allergic to dogs, that you might want to consider not adopting a Puggle and instead taking a dog who does not shed that much at all (e.g. Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer orĀ  a Boston Terrier.)


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