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Is your dog simply too cool for any old dog name? Do you want your dog to have a cool name – something unique you can’t simply find from a list of most popular dog names? If that’s the case, you are in luck as below is a list of what we think are some cool dog names, if not the coolest.

Cool Dog Names for Female Dogs

Abi – Abi is short for Abigail, which originates from Hebrew, and, in translation, means “joy of the father” and that’s not very cool, however, the name itself does sound nice.

Africa – I’m not sure why I like this name but I do. If you’d name your dog Africa, you could call her Afri-Afri. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? I think Africa would definitely make a cool name for a female Rhodesian Ridgeback pup as the breed originates from Africa.

Alice – The name Alice means “of a noble kind”  and I’ve always found the name to be a cool one. If you have kids, I’m sure your kids will like the name too because of the book Alice in Wonderland.

April – Another name I’ve always liked. April is the fourth month in Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is believed that the name comes from Apollo – the sun of Zeus, god of the sun, truth, healing, music, poetry. It would definitely make a cool name for a female dog.

Bubbles – Bubbles just sounds cute and cute is cool, isn’t it? Not even when it comes to dog names? Well I’m not gonna scratch it off the list.

California – “Oh my god! You named your dog California. That’s so cool!” – If you name your dog California, I can totally see a stranger approaching you like that. Also, California is a name that is also suitable for both male and female dogs.

Dakota – It’s a 100% American name meaning “the allies”. I just like the sound of it. It’s suitable for both male and female dogs.

Dolly – Dolly-Doll? Dolly is of English and Greek origin. It means “gift” and I think it would make a cool name for a female dog, especially when you plan on giving the dog to your girlfriend for her birthday.

Grace – The name Grace comes from Latin and it means “charm”. It think it would definitely make a cool name for a charming female dog. Besides, Grace sounds really good.

Jackie – Another American name that I find to be quite cool.

Jessie – Diminutive form of Jessica. However, one could also say that it’s the cool form of Jessica.

Karma – How many dogs do you know who are named Karma? That’s what I thought. It definitely isn’t  a common name for  a dog. Karma originates from Sanskrit and means “Fate”. It’s definitely a cool name, and it’s one of those gender mutual names that would fit perfectly for both girl and boy dogs.

Lexi – It’s of English and Greek origin and it means “defender of mankind”. Wouldn’t be cool to name your dog the defender of mankind?

Lulu – Lulu is of French and German origin. It means “famous warrior”. Wouldn’t it be awesome to name your dog famous warrior?

Penny – Penny is of English and Greek origin. It means “bobbin worker, weaver” which is not necessarily very cool but the name itself sounds cool.

Poppy – Poppy is of Latin origin. It means “poppy flower” and that’s not necessarily cool either but it’s the same case as with Penny, Poppy sounds cool. In my mind’s eye or wherever, I can see Poppy as a cool female German Shepherd who is nothing but loyal and friendly to her keepers.

Roxy – It’s of English origin and means “dawn, light”. Roxy would definitely make a cool name for your female dog.

Sky – I don’t think this one needs an explanation. Naming your dog Sky wouldn’t just be cool. it would be downright awesome.

Wednesday – You got your dog on a Wednesday? Why not name her Wednesday. I think it would be pretty cool. You could call her Wendy.

Cool Dog Names for Male Dogs

Ace – The name Ace originates from Latin and it means “expert”. Wouldn’t it be cool to name your dog expert?

Ash – Short for Ashley or Ashton (one of those unisex names). It doesn’t have a cool meaning or anything (Ash originates from Latin and means “from the ash tree”) but it does sound cool.

Browser – What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word “browser”? Internet browser? Naming your dog Browser might be a bit geeky. However, isn’t geeky cool these days?

Captain – Captain is like the perfect example of a cool dog name.

Chester – Chester is of English origin. It means “a fortress” and that’s pretty cool. Besides, it sounds good.

Colonel – Colonel is not as cool as Captain, but it would still make a pretty cool dog name.

Elvis – Name your dog after the King? Why not? Elvis would definitely be a cool name for a cool dog. The name comes from Scandinavia and it means “all wise”. Unfortunately, though, Elvis is a pretty popular dog name.

Face – Name your puppy after a character from the A-Team? Why not?

Kaiser – Kaiser originates from German and it means “leader”. If you feel like your dog is a born leader, Kaiser will definitely be a cool name for him.

Mojo – The name comes from African American culture. It means “a magical charm bag used in hoodoo”, however, in these days it’s more commonly used meaning “talent”. Well, regardless of what it means, it does sound nice and I’m sure it would make a great name for a male dog.

Rex – I don’t think it would be cool to name your Saint Bernard pup Beethoven. However, I do think it would be cool to name your German Shepherd puppy Rex. For one, the German TV series starring a police dog Rex is far from as well known as the movie Beethoven. Besides, the name Rex originates from Latin and means “king”.

Sailor – Naming your dog Sailor wouldn’t be as cool as naming him Captain, however, it would still be quite nice. Sailor means “boat man”.

Sherlock  – Would it be cool to name your dog after Sherlock Holmes? Definitely! As you can imagine, Sherlock originates from England. It means “fair haired” but you do not have to say that your dog’s name means “fair haired”. You can simply say that you named him after one of the coolest fictional detectives ever.

Trouble – Let’s face it, a puppy is gonna be a lot of trouble. So why not name him trouble?

Zorro – If your dog is just as cool as the fictional character Zorro from numerous books and movies, why not name him Zorro?

For now this completes our list of cool dog names. If you feel like we have missed a cool dog name or two, please do let us know by commenting below.

Also, remember that no matter how cool, it’s best not to name your dog anything that sounds a lot like a common command.


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