Can I Feed Cat Food to My Dog?

Having both a dog and a cat can sometimes cause problems. One of the problems can be your dog getting a hold of your cat’s food and thinking it is her dinner. But is it necessary a problem? Maybe you can feed cat food to your dog? Well, no, you should not feed cat food to your dog.

Why Should I Not Feed Cat Food to My Dog?

Cats and dogs are very different animals, and therefore, their nutritional needs are different as well. Cat food simply wouldn’t be healthy for a dog.  For a dog, there’s way too much protein and fat in cat food. If you’d regularly feed cat food to your dog, it could cause serious health issues to your dog.

What Should I do if My Dog Accidentally Ate Cat Food?

There’s no need to worry. Eating cat food should not cause any instant health risks for your doggy.  Just make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’d recommend keeping cat food in a high enough shelf for the dog not to be able to reach it or simply in a closed kitchen cabinet. That is especially important because a lot of dogs actually really like the taste of cat food quite a lot.

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