Can Dogs Eat White Chocolate?

Most likely you have heard that dark chocolate is extremely dangerous for dogs, but what about white chocolate? Can dogs eat white chocolate?

No, dogs cannot eat white chocolate!

A lot of people believe that it’s okay for dogs to eat white chocolate as it doesn’t have cocoa in it, however that is not true.

Most white chocolates still contain small amounts of theobromine, which is the chemical compound that makes the consumption of chocolate highly dangerous for dogs as well as other animals.

can-dogs-eat-white-chocolateIt is true, though, that white chocolate is not as dangerous for dogs as dark chocolate, but it’s still dangerous and that’s why it’s highly unadvised to give white chocolate to your dog. The best treat for your dog would still be any high-end commercial dog treat, however if you are looking for alternatives, apple or banana slices would be a great choice. 

In conclusion, as white chocolate is dangerous for dogs to eat, it’s definitely not something you should share with your dog.



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