Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is a popular topping for all kinds of desserts, and as it is just delicious, you most likely like to have some whipped cream every once in a while. The question, though, is whether you can share whipped cream with your dog as well. Can dogs eat whipped cream? The short answer would be no, it’s not recommended to give whipped cream for your dog.

It Wouldn’t Be Good for Dogs to Eat Whipped Cream

The main problem with giving your dog whipped cream is that whipped cream is a dairy product, and most adult dogs are lactose intolerant.

On top of that, whipped cream is around 70% saturated fat and usually contains high amounts of sugar as well. It would be far from healthy for your dog to eat whipped cream or anything else that contains high amounts of saturated fat and sugar.

Whipped cream is a definite no-no for all dogs.

Because whipped cream is a dairy product, it’s not recommended to give it your dog.

Because dogs do not know what is okay for them to eat and what is not, it’s very likely that your dog will still ask, even beg, you to share whipped cream with her. You might feel bad about denying your dog something she really seems to want, but remember that you are doing this because you care about your dog and don’t want her to eat anything that’s bad for her.

In conclusion, as most adult dogs cannot break down lactose, and whipped cream contains an unhealthy amount of saturated fat and sugar, dogs should not be allowed to eat whipped cream.




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