Can Dogs Eat Twizzlers?

If you like to eat Twizzlers candies, your dog might show interest in them as well. She might even start begging you to give her one. But can dogs eat Twizzlers?

The simple answer is that while Twizzlers candies are not toxic to dogs, it’s still unrecommended to share them with your dog because of the high amount of sugar Twizzlers contain.  Just like Twizzlers and other sugary treats are bad for our teeth, they are bad for our dogs’ teeth as well.

So, if you want to keep your dog from the pain of dental cavities, and I assume that you do, it’s best to avoid giving her Twizzlers or other sugary treats. Besides, the sugary treats wouldn’t really benefit your dog’s health in any way anyway.

If your dog has already eaten a Twizzler or two, don’t worry. It’s unlikely that two Twizzlers will irreversibly damage your dog’s health, but do try to make sure that it was the last time your dog ate Twizzlers.


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