Can Dogs Eat Tums?

can-dogs-eat-tumsUndoubtedly tums can help us humans with an upset stomach, but what about dogs. Could tums help dogs with an upset stomach as well? Can you give tums to your dog? Can dogs eat tums? The short answer would be yes, dogs can eat tums. However, there are few things you should know before giving your dog tums.

While Dogs Can Eat Unflavored Tums, It’s Not Advised to Give Your Dog Flavored Tums

It’s fine to give your dog tums for an upset stomach, however, make sure you only give your dog unflavored tums. The chemicals used to add flavor to the flavored tums, are not good for dogs.

Tums Tablets Possess Choking Hazard

As the tablets possess a choking hazard, I’d advise to only give your dog tums in the liquid form.

In conclusion, while dogs can eat tums, make sure you only give your dog unflavored tums, preferably in the liquid form. Also, keep in mind that the fact that dogs can eat tums, does not mean that it’s okay to give your dog other human medications because it’s not. A lot of the medications meant for us humans are dangerous for dogs.



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