Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips?

Are you snacking on tortilla chips with salsa? As you know tortilla chips are a bit heavy on the calorie side, so you would feel bad to down the whole bag on your own. Like always, your dog sits by you, asking or even begging for you to share whatever you are eating with him, so you wonder — can dogs eat tortilla chips?

The quick answer to your questions is “not recommended”, while eating a few tortilla chips would not cause any serious harm to your dog, it wouldn’t do anything good for him either.

Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips? Why Tortilla Chips Are Bad for Dogs

The worst part about tortilla chips for dogs is the excessive amount of salt. Eating excessively salty food is unhealthy for us humans, but it’s even worse for our canine friends, who cannot tolerate as much salt as we do.

can-dogs-eat-tortilla-chipsIn fact, salt is poisonous to both dogs and cats. The consumption of extremely salty snack food like tortilla or potato chips is very likely to have a bad effect on your dog’s body, e.g. cause excessive thirst and urination.

On top of that, it’s generally not a good idea to give food to a begging dog. For one, it would encourage your dog to beg for a bite the next time you are eating as well, and I’m sure you want to eliminate this behavior, not encourage it.

For two, if you make a habit out of sharing human food with your dog, then you might accidentally feed your dog something extremely dangerous.

Home-made Tortilla Chips Might Be an Exception

The first part of this article talks about store bought tortilla chips that are almost always packed with salt, and, therefore, wouldn’t be a good snack to share with your pet dog. However, if you’d bake some tortilla chips at home, then you could use considerably less salt, in which case the tortilla chips wouldn’t be so bad for your doggy. After all, if you remove the excess salt, tortilla chips can make a rather nutritious snack — good source for dietary fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B-6.

Can Dogs Eat Salsa?

Chances are you are having tortilla chips with salsa, so know that salsa is unsafe for dogs. The reason why dogs cannot eat salsa is that salsa contains onions and garlic, both of which are poisonous to dogs.

On Conclusion

Can dogs eat tortilla chips? Store bough tortilla chips are definitely something you don’t want to share with your four-legged friend, but home-made tortilla chips might be okay, depending the amount of salt you use.



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