Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

Warm tomato soup is just the best thing ever, isn’t it? But that’s for us humans. What about our 4-legged best friends? Can dogs eat tomato soup?

As I already explained in another article it’s best not to feed anything with tomatoes in it to dogs because tomatoes can be poisonous for dogs and in the worst case scenario lead to hemolytic anemia. However, Pet Poison Helpline explains that tomatoes actually aren’t that dangerous for dogs to eat. They add that while the leafy green tomatoes contain up to 5% of poisonous tomatine, the concentration decreases as the fruit ripens.

So Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

Most likely a dog will be fine if she is from time to time feed a little tomato soup. However, when it comes to my beloved dogs, I do not like to take any chances, and I don’t advise you to take any either. There’s plenty of food a dog can eat risk free, so why take the risk and feed her tomato soup or anything else containing tomatoes?

Besides, the poisonous tomatine is not the only reason why tomatoes and tomato soup is not the best thing for our canine friends. Tomatoes are also quite acidic, which can upset a dog’s stomach. Especially if feed in large quantities.


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