Can Dogs Eat Spam?

You’ve run out of kibble, so you are wondering what could you feed your dog. You find a can of spam. As dogs are natural carnivores, canned pork meat might seem like a suitable option, but is it? Can dogs eat spam?

Can Dogs Eat Spam? Spam Is Not Okay for Dogs

Unfortunately, the answer to your question is “no, spam is not okay for dogs to eat.” Although, spam’s main ingredients are pork shoulder meat and ham, it also contains high amount of salt, which makes it problematic for dogs.

Salty foods are not healthy for us humans, and they are even worse for dogs. While dogs do need a little salt in their diet,  avoid feeding your dog spam or other foods containing excessive amounts of salt as they can cause excessive thirst and frequent urination and more serious conditions like sodium ion poisoning.

On top of that, spam is also high in fat, which is another reason why spam wouldn’t be very good for dogs. Eating high fat food can lead to obesity and increase the risk developing pancreatitis in dogs. High fat diet is especially dangerous for dogs that don’t get a lot of exercise.

Spam comes in many flavors, one of which is garlic. Garlic is poisonous to dogs, so garlic-flavored spam is a definite no-no for all dogs.

In conclusion, spam is not okay for dogs to eat. We recommend you to stick to high quality dog food or talk to a veterinarian about creating a balanced homemade dog food diet.

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