Can Dogs Eat Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce is the best thing you can make out of soybeans. It tastes amazing and can make every rice dish delicious. If you have some leftover rice with soy sauce, then you might want to feed it to your dog. You know that rice is okay for dogs to eat, but what about soy sauce? Can dogs eat soy sauce?

The short answer to your question would be no, it’s not recommended to give your dog soy sauce. The problem is that soy sauce is just too salty for our canine friends.

Can Dogs Eat Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce is not safe for for dogs, even a small amount can cause ill effects for our canine friends.

While soy sauce does taste really good, it's not safe for your 4-legged best friend.

Soy sauce does taste amazing, but unfortunately it’s not safe for our four-legged best friends.

When we look at the nutritional composition of soy sauce, then we find that a single teaspoon of soy sauce contains 291.1 mg of sodium, which is a lot. According to the Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, a medium-sized adult dog (with a body weight of 33 pounds, consuming around 1000 calories a day) should not consume more than 100 mg of sodium in a day. A single teaspoon of soy sauce exceeds that limit almost threefold. If you have a small dog, then the safe upper limit of daily sodium intake for him is even less.

As excess sodium intake can cause kidney damage, coma and even death in dogs, it’s not safe to share soy sauce or other foods containing high amounts of sodium with your pet.

Slightly going over the safe upper limit of sodium intake for dogs is also very likely to cause ill effects in dogs. Your dog might start to vomit, drink a lot of water and urinate more than normal. In fact, a diet containing an unhealthy amount of sodium is one of the most common reason why a dog would drink a lot of water and urinate frequently.

Absolutely No Soy Sauce for Dogs!

It is safe to share rice with your dog, but keep the soy sauce for yourself. As commercial dog food already contains the right amount of sodium for your dog, it’s best to avoid feeding your dog other sodium rich food items like pretzels or chips as well.

If you read this article after your dog already had some soy sauce, then you should get in contact with a veterinarian as your dog is very likely to need treatment for salt poisoning. Salt poisoning is a very serious condition, which can lead to death if not treated properly, so don’t hesitate to call a veterinarian.



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