Can Dogs Eat Skittles?

If you or your kids like Skittles, you might be wondering whether you can occasionally give a few of these candies to the family dog. Can dogs eat Skittles? In short, Skittles are not toxic to dogs, but you should still refrain from giving them (or any other candy) to your canine.

Skittles Are Not Okay for Dogs to Eat

Skittles do not contain chocolate or xylitol, which are two of the most dangerous candy components for dogs. Still, you should not give your dog Skittles because the candies contain high amounts of saturated fat, sugar and artificial flavors that are far from good for your dog’s health.

Sugary products are bad for your dog’s teeth, and regular consumption of sugary foods might lead to diabetes and obesity.

Another problem with Skittles is that they contain corn (i.e., corn syrup and corn starch), which your dog might be allergic to.

What if My Dog Already Had a Skittle or Two?


Most likely your dog will be fine, but keep a close eye on her throughout the following day to make sure that she doesn’t exhibit allergic reactions to the corn or the artificial flavors in Skittles. If you notice anything strange in your dog’s behavior (e.g., excessive itching, scratching, face rubbing, licking) or any skin infections, contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Final Word

It’s best to avoid giving your dog Skittles or any other candy. You must be especially careful about chocolate (theobromine) or xylitol, as these ingredients are fatally toxic to dogs. If you have kids, make sure that they, too, understand that people’s candy is not meant for dogs.



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