Can Dogs Eat Ranch Dressing?

You are eating potato chips with ranch dipping sauce, your dog is begging you for a bite. You know that you shouldn’t give your dog potato chips, but what about the dipping sauce? Is it safe for dogs to eat ranch dressing?

Can Dogs Eat Ranch Dressing?

The short answer would be no, dogs cannot eat ranch dressing. The reason why this delicious dipping sauce is a definite no-no for all dogs is that some of the ingredients of ranch dressing are toxic to dogs.

Two of  the main ingredients of ranch dressing are garlic and onions, which are both moderately toxic to dogs. Although, some websites claim that a small amount of ranch dressing is safe for dogs, we wouldn’t recommend to give your dog anything containing onions or garlic.

can-dogs-eat-ranch-dressingIt is not like your dog would get anything good from eating a little bit of ranch dressing anyway, so it’s just not worth it.

In fact, it’s generally a bad idea to give your dog table scraps as a lot of the things we eat are bad for dogs, and giving your dog something once encourages him/her to beg for food in the future as well. If you never give your dog table scraps, he/she will soon stop begging.

Conclusion on Ranch Dressing

Because ranch dressing contains onions and garlic, it is not safe for dogs to eat ranch dressing. Ranch dressing, though, is not the only human food dangerous for dogs. So, do read more about what table scraps are a definite no-no for all dogs.




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