Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

can-dogs-eat-popcornIf you like popcorn, you might wonder whether it’s okay to give popcorn to your dog as well. Can dogs eat popcorn?

Dogs Can Eat Unflavored Popcorn Without Butter

Long story short, dogs can eat unflavored popcorn without butter. However, don’t let your dog fill up on popcorn because popcorn is not that nutritious.

Salted Popcorn Is Dangerous for Dogs to Eat

It might be hard to believe, but salt is poisonous to dogs. In fact, eating a good amount of salt can injure your dog’s kidneys, cause tremors, seizures, coma and even result in death. That’s why it’s strongly unrecommended to give your dog salted popcorn or any other food that contains an excessive amount of salt.

Butter, on the other hand, is made with milk that contains lactose. Most dogs, though, have difficulty digesting milk and other dairy products. Also, butter contains salt, and has a lot of calories. It is best to avoid giving your dog popcorn with butter.

Sweet Popcorn Is Not Good for Dogs Either

If your dog cannot eat salted popcorn with butter, you might want to give her sweet popcorn, but don’t. Most processed sweets are dangerous to dogs. Chocolate, for an example, is deadly poisonous to dogs.

In conclusion, while dogs can eat unflavored popcorn, you should never let your dog have salted or sweet popcorn. It’s best to avoid giving your dog popcorn with butter as well.


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