Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

While pickles may be high in fiber, they pack quite a punch of sodium. So while pickles are okay in small amounts and on an occasional basis, they aren’t exactly health food. But what about dogs? Can dogs eat pickles?

Can Dogs Eat Pickles?

Eating a pickle or two isn’t dangerous for dogs, but because of the high sodium content, pickles aren’t often listed on the “Foods You Should Feed Your Dog,” list.

High Sodium Content Makes Pickles Bad for Dogs

Although dogs need some sodium to maintain good health, too much sodium can lead to excess thirst and other more serious health problems in dogs. As commercial dog food already contains as much sodium as your dog will need, it’s not a good idea to feed her extra sodium rich foods like pickles.

What About Dill: Can Dogs Eat Dill?

While it's safe for dogs to eat a pickle or two, it's best not to give your dog pickles on purpose.

It’s best not to give your dog pickles on purpose.

Chances are that you are reading this article because your dog has already eaten a pickle or two, and you are concerned about whether it’s safe for dogs to eat pickles, and as pickles usually are flavored with dill, you might be wondering whether dogs can eat dill as well. To answer your question, dogs can eat dill, in fact, dill is something you can give your dog to treat her upset stomach. So perhaps skip the pickle but allow dill on an occasional basis.

In Conclusion

So, while eating a pickle or two isn’t exactly dangerous for dogs, it is best to avoid giving your dog pickles on purpose because they contain a rather unhealthy amount of sodium.


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