Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is not only delicious, but good for our health as well. What about dogs, though? Is peanut butter good for dogs as well?

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

The short answer would be yes, dogs can eat peanut butter. In fact, as peanut butter is full of fats that are good for the heart, is a good source of protein, vitamins B3 and E, magnesium, folate, dietary fiber, and antioxidant p-coumaric acid, it would be rather good for you canine friend to have some peanut butter in her diet.

How to Give Your Dog Peanut Butter?

While dogs can eat peanut butter, it’s not like they are gonna go to the kitchen, grab a jar of peanut butter, stuff their paws in it and start eating, it’s up to you to add peanut butter to your dog’s diet. way to give your dog peanut butter would be to stuff peanut butter into a Kong, if your dog likes peanut butter, she is likely to spend hours licking peanut butter out of the Kong. Also, you could cook peanut butter cookies, which could be used as dog treats.

Is There a Certain Type of Peanut Butter Dogs Prefer? 

Yes, raw, unsalted peanut butter would be best for your dog. In fact, while dogs can eat peanut butter, they should not be fed salty peanut butter as salt and salty food are quit dangerous for dogs to eat.

In conclusion, dogs can eat peanut butter, in fact, it’s rather healthy for them. Keep in mind, though, that salt and salty foods are dangerous for dogs, and that’s why you should only let your dog have unsalted peanut butter.


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