Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?

Pancakes are a popular breakfast food all over the world. They are rich in carbohydrates and provide us with many valuable vitamins. Pancakes are also delicious, so they definitely make a good breakfast food for us humans. But can you share this delicious and nutritious breakfast food with your canine friend? Can dogs eat pancakes too?

Can Dogs Eat Pancakes? The Quick Answer!

Yes, dogs can eat pancakes, but only in small amounts and not everyday.

As pancakes usually contain quite a lot of fat, it is not recommended to let your dog eat a large amount of pancakes in a single sitting. You also need to be aware of the pancake toppings that are not suitable for dogs (see the list below).

An okay amount of pancakes would be one or two silver dollar pancakes a few times a month. That’s for small and medium-sized dogs, a large dog could have a few more. Feeding your dog pancakes often is not recommended because it would be likely to cause weight gain.

Not All Pancake Toppings Are Safe for Dogs

While it’s okay for dogs to eat a few plain pancakes every now and then, some popular pancake toppings are not safe for dogs.

Pancake toppings not safe for dogs include:

can-dogs-eat-pancakesCream or sour cream – A lot of dogs are lactose intolerant, so it’s best to avoid feeding your dog pancakes with cream, sour cream or whipped cream. These toppings are also very fatty, so giving your dog a pancake with cream would be far from a healthy treat.

Honey or maple syrup – Honey and maple syrup are not poisonous to dogs, but it’s still best to avoid feeding your dog pancakes with honey or maple syrup. These two popular pancake toppings contain a lot of calories and would be bad for your dog’s dental health.

Chocolate – Chocolate is toxic to dogs, so anything with chocolate is strictly off the menu for dogs.

Caramel sauce – As caramel sauce contains a lot of sugar, pancakes with caramel sauce wouldn’t make a healthy breakfast for your doggy. In fact, caramel sauce too contains way too many calories for dogs and is bad for the teeth.

Butter – Butter too is not a suitable pancake topping for dogs. The main problem with butter for dogs is that butter is too fattening. Butter is full of saturated fats and it’s also very high in calories.

Jam – Although, the fruits jam is made of can be good for your doggy, jam also contains a lot of sugar, which is not okay for dogs.

Ice cream – Ice cream pancakes are not okay for dogs for the same reason pancakes with cream are not okay for dogs — lactose.

Nuts – Most nuts are toxic to dogs or cause gastric intestinal upset[1]. Needless to say, it’s best not to give your dog pancakes with nuts.

Raisins or grapes – If you like to eat pancakes with raisins or grapes, then know that they too are not suitable for dogs. That is because both raisins and grapes are toxic to dogs.

Blueberry or Banana Pancakes Are Okay for Dogs

While all the sugary things we like to put on our pancakes are not good for dogs, most fruits and berries would be fine.

In fact, blueberries and bananas would be rather good for your dog’s health. For one, blueberries can improve your dog’s eyesight and prevent age-related loss of vision.

Bananas, on the other hand, are an excellent source of potassium and are believed to reduce the risk of different cancers.

Spreading some peanut butter on your dog’s pancakes is a good idea as well — peanut butter is full of healthy fats that are good for the heart and blood vessels.

Conclusion on Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?

In conclusion, while dogs can eat plain pancakes, some popular pancake toppings are not safe for dogs. Before giving your dog a pancake, make sure that it doesn’t contain any dangerous toppings. Also, as pancakes are quite rich in fat, it is recommended not to let your dog eat a lot of pancakes at once or too often. Occasionally giving your dog a few plain pancakes or blueberry pancakes, though, would be okay.

It is, however, not necessary to include pancakes in your dog’s diet. In fact, as so many pancake toppings are not safe for dogs, it would be a good idea to leave pancakes completely out of your dog’s diet. That way there won’t be any accidents of your dog eating pancakes with dangerous toppings.


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