Can Dogs Eat Oreos?


If your dog catches you eating Oreos, she might want you to share them with her. That, though, raises a question: can dogs eat Oreos? Well, no, as Oreos contain chocolate, which is poisonous to dogs, dogs cannot eat Oreos.

Oreos Are a Definite No-No for All Dogs

As Oreos contain chocolate, and chocolate is severely poisonous to dog, it’s not recommended to give your dog Oreos. Also, Oreos contain quite a lot of calories. 3 Oreo cookies contain about 160 calories. It’s not recommended to feed your dog such calorie-rich foods as that could lead to obesity and heart problems in dogs.

What if My Dog Already Ate Oreos?

If your dog ate a few Oreo cookies, don’t worry. Thankfully, a few Oreo cookies do not contain enough chocolate to be dangerous for a dog, but just to be sure everything is okay with your canine friend, do keep a close eye on her for a few hours.

In conclusion, the answer to the question whether dogs can eat Oreos is definitely no. To make sure your dog is safe, make sure you always keep Oreos and other foods that are dangerous to dogs somewhere out of your dog’s reach.



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