Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

I, for one, love oranges. They don’t only taste good but they are packed with things like vitamin C which is a natural immunity booster. However, are oranges healthy for dogs? Can dogs eat oranges? The short answer would be yes, dogs can eat oranges, but avoid giving your dog orange peels.

Dogs Can Eat Oranges in Moderation

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and antioxidants. However, you shouldn’t let your dog eat too many oranges at once, as eating an excessive amount of fruit can cause diarrhea. Also, be cautious when first introducing this new treat to your dog.  Not being accustomed to eating acidic fruits like oranges means that they might upset their stomach if given too much too fast.

How to Feed Oranges to Your Dog?

While dogs can eat oranges, the peels are not good for them.


An excellent way to feed oranges to your dog would be to cut an orange into slices and use the slices as healthy treats to reward your dog for mastering a new trick or command.

What you should avoid, though, is letting your dog eat orange peels. Orange peels contain citrus oil and d-limonene, which can upset her stomach and make her vomit.

So while the answer to question “Can dogs eat oranges?” is yes, make sure you never let your dog eat orange peels and only give your dog oranges in small amounts.


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