Can Dogs Eat Mayo?


If you enjoy eating mayonnaise, you might wonder whether it’s something your dog might like as well. But can dogs eat mayo? The short answer would that it’s not recommended to give mayonnaise to your dog. The problem is the ingredients and excessive fat content.

Mayonnaise Is Not Good for Dogs

Mayonnaise is 60% saturated fat, and it’s not recommended to give your dog such fat rich foods.

Also, commercial mayonnaise may contain soybeans, and it’s far from uncommon for dogs to be allergic to soy products.

In conclusion, while mayonnaise is not toxic to dogs, it’s rich in fat and may contain soybeans, and therefore, it’s not recommended to give your dog mayo.

A small amount of mayo would be safe for dogs, but not good for dogs, so I would recommend against giving your dog even a little bit of mayo.


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