Can Dogs Eat Jicama?

Jicama is a Mexican root vegetable that is low in calories, but high in many important nutrients. That’s why it is a popular vegetable among many dieters. If you have a taste for jicama, you might wonder, can dogs eat jicama as well?

Can Dogs Eat Jicama? The Quick Answer!

Yes, dogs can eat jicama. Both fresh and cooked jicama is safe for dogs to eat. Keep in mind, though, that only the root of the plant is edible. The skin, seeds and other above-ground parts of jicama are not only inedible but toxic to dogs as well as humans.

Is Jicama Good for Dogs?

While jicama is low in calories, it would provide your dog with many important nutrients. If your dog has a taste for this sweet Mexican vegetable, it would be a good idea to give your dog some pureed jicama every once in a while.

Can dogs eat jicama?For one, jicama is a very good source of dietary fiber. As little as one cup of sliced jicama, which is around 120 grams, would provide your dog with 6 grams of dietary fiber.

As dietary fiber is essential for your dog’s digestive system to run smoothly, it’s important that your dog’s diet would provide her plenty of this nutrient.

Besides the much-needed dietary fiber, jicama would also offer your dog potassium, iron and magnesium.

How to Feed Jicama to Your Dog

Avoid the Toxic Skin

While it’s okay to give your dog some jicama root, make sure to peel the jicama before giving it to your dog. That is important because jicama’s thick skin is inedible. In fact, the skin is toxic to dogs just like the leaves and vines[1].

The toxin in jicama’s skin, leaves and vines is rotenone, which can cause a serious health problems and even death in dogs. Needless to say, but don’t ever feed your dog jicama’s skin, leaves or vines.

Cook and Puree the Vegetable Before Feeding it to Your Doggy

If you are not completely scared off of the idea of feeding your dog some jicama, then let’s talk a little about how it would be best to feed jicama to your dog.

While it is okay for dogs to eat raw jicama, it would be best to cook it before offering it your dog.

Dogs often do not properly chew their food, but swallow it in large pieces. Because of that it’s difficult for dogs to digest raw vegetables. In order for your dog to properly digest jicama, it is thus recommended that you cook the vegetable before giving it your dog.

It would also be wise to puree the cooked vegetable in a food processor to make it even more easily digestible for your four-legged friend.

Conclusion on Jicama

In conclusion, dogs can eat jicama roots, but remember to always peel the vegetable before giving it your dog. Don’t forget that only the root of this vegetable is edible.

If your dog doesn’t like this vegetable, then that is totally okay. Jicamas are definitely not a necessary part of a canine diet. Besides, there’s plenty of other vegetables you can try to feed your dog.


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