Can Dogs Eat Imitation Crab Meat Sticks?

can-dogs-eat-crab-meat-sticksIf you have a taste for crab meat sticks, you might wonder whether you can share them with your dog as well? Well, dogs can from time to time eat crab meat, however, the crab meat or seafood sticks you can buy at a rather cheap price from the local grocery store or a super market, doesn’t actually contain crab meat. Its main ingredient is surimi, which is made of fish meat, it also contains a lot of artificial food colorings and other additives. Therefore, the question is, can dogs eat imitation crab meat?

While Dogs Can Eat Imitation Crab Meat Sticks, It’s Not Recommended to Give Your Dog Imitation Crab Meat Sticks

To answer the question, yes, dogs can eat imitation crab meat and imitation crab meat sticks, however, the artificial additives in imitation crab meat are not good for dogs.

Also, imitation crab meat contains quite a lot of salt, and it’s not recommended to let your dog eat anything that contains an excessive amount of salt.

If your dog already had a crab meat stick or two, don’t worry, a few crab meat sticks don’t contain enough salt to present a danger to your dog’s health.

In conclusion, dogs can eat imitation crab meat and imitation crab meat sticks, however, because of the high salt content and artificial additives, imitation crab meat definitely doesn’t make a healthy snack for a dog, and therefore, it’s best not to let your dog eat imitation crab meat.



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