Can Dogs Eat Ice Cubes?

I’m sure you are aware that chewing ice cubes is bad for your teeth, but what about dogs? Can dogs eat ice cubes? The answer would be yes, dogs can eat ice cubes. Both the jaws and teeth of most dogs are a lot stronger than those of a human making it perfectly safe for dogs to chew ice cubes, but you do have to be cautious.

While Dogs Can Eat Ice Cubes, Don’t Give Your Dog More than 1-2 Ice Cubes in a Day

As ice cubes are likely to lower your dog’s body temperature, it’s recommended to limit the amount of ice cubes you give to your dog. One or two ice cubes in a day would be okay.

No Pointy Ice Cubes for Your Dog


On a warm summer day, 1-2 ice cubes can make the perfect hydrating treat for your dog.

For a healthy dog, chewing up an ice cube or two is not a problem, but pointy ice cubes might still hurt your dog’s gums. That’s why you shouldn’t give your dog any pointy ice cubers, but the regular ones are okay.

In conclusion, while dogs can eat ice cubes, it’s recommended to limit the amount of ice cubesĀ  you give to your dog, and you need to make sure that you don’t give your dog pointy ice cubes as those might hurt her gums.

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