Can Dogs Eat Gummy Bears?

If you have a taste for gummy bears, you might like to share them with your canine friend, but can dogs eat gummy bears? The short answer would be no, dogs should not be allowed to eat gummy bears. The problem is that gummy bears contain xylitol, which is severely toxic to dogs (see 10 Most Dangerous Foods Your Dog Really Can’t Eat). Also, gummy bears are likely to get stuck between your dog’s teeth and cause tooth decay.

Haribo fruit gums, though, do not include xylitol, and they aren’t directly toxic to dogs. However, they are still far from good for dogs, and it would be best to avoid giving your dog Haribo fruit gums as well.

In conclusion, if you like to occasionally treat yourself with a pack of gummy bears, it’s totally okay, but remember not to share them with your dog.

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