Can Dogs Eat Fish?

I’m sure you have heard that eating fish is good for us, but what about dogs? Is eating fish good for dogs as well? Can dogs eat fish?

The short answer would be yes, dogs can eat fish. In fact, fish is a popular ingredient in most high-end commercial dog foods.  However, there are some additional things you need to know about feeding fish to your dog.

Dogs Should Only Be Given Cooked Fish, Not Raw


Never give your dog raw fish, dogs can only eat thoroughly cooked fish.

Although, dogs might even have a taste for raw fish, you should never let your dog eat raw fish because raw fish can contain bacteria, and therefor eating raw fish can result in food poisoning or ever worse, give your dog salmon poisoning disease – an often deadly condition.

No Bones!

You should always remove the bones from a fish before starting to cook a meal of it for your dog, otherwise the bones can get caught in your doggy’s throat.

Diversify Your Dog’s Diet

Just like us humans, dogs need a variety of different nutrients in order for them to stay healthy. Adding fish to your dog’s diet definitely isn’t a bad idea, but don’t forget to provide your dog plenty of animal protein as well.

In conclusion, while dogs can eat fish, you should only let your dog eat thoroughly cooked fish, newer raw.

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