Can Dogs Eat Doritos?

If your dog finds you eating Doritos, she will most likely ask, if not beg, you to share your Doritos with her, but can dogs eat Doritos? The short answer would be that it’s not a good idea to share Doritos with your dog. While a few Doritos most likely wouldn’t hurt your dog, it’s best not to share Doritos or other similar snacks with your dog.

The main problem with Doritos is that they contain a lot of fat (up to 11%) and sodium (up to 8%), neither of which is good for dogs.

Besides, it’s not like your dog would benefit in any way from eating Doritos. If anything, a large amount of Doritos can cause serious health problems (e.g. dehydration, seizures, kidney failure) in dogs.

It’s not just Doritos that are bad for dogs, though. Potato chips and other salty snack food is just as bad for your beloved pet, so remember not to share those with your dog either.

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