Can Dogs Eat Dill?

Dill is often used as a topping for all kinds of dishes. Boiled potatoes, rice, fish and meat dishes all taste better with some finely chopped dill sprinkled on the top. Dill doesn’t only make our dishes taste better, but as dill is an excellent source of calcium, iron and many other essential nutrients, it makes our dishes more nutritious as well.

When it comes to dog food, the use of toppings are not very popular. However, if you’d like to give your dog some boiled potatoes or pickles with dill, then you might have a question whether it would be safe for your doggy to have some dill or not?

Can Dogs Eat Dill?

Quick answer: Yes, dogs can eat a little bit of dill. In fact, dill would make a rather healthy addition to a dog’s diet. But do read on, as there’s still much to know about adding dill to your dog’s diet.

The Benefits of Dill for Dogs

Some chopped up dill can be used to add flavor and nutrients to homemade dog food.

Some chopped up dill can be used to add flavor and nutrients to homemade dog food.

Dill is a herb of excellent nutritional value, it’s a great source of calcium, iron, magnesium and a good source of vitamin C and vitamin B-6. So, adding a little bit of dill on top of your dog’s food, will surely make the food more nutritious and help to keep your dog in good health.

Furthermore, dill is said to improve appetite, digestion and flatulence in dogs.

Giving Dill to Your Dog

There are a few rules to feeding your dog dill:

For one, only give your dog a little bit of dill in a single sitting. A little bit of dill is good for your dog’s digestion, but a large amount could cause diarrhea. I wouldn’t recommend to give your dog more than a tablespoon of chopped dill. If you have a small sized dog, then you should give her even less.

For two, always wash the dill before chopping it up for your canine friend. Herbs are likely to contain some dirt and even little rocks have been found from herb packages.

Other Herbs Your Dog Might Like

Dill is not the only herb that you can share with your dog. According to Dogs Health Naturally, dogs would also benefit from eating alfalfa, aloe, arnica, borage, catnip, dandelion and many other herbs.

Alfalfa and dandelion help to detox the liver and purify blood, alfalfa is also good for digestion. Aloe can help to remove toxins from the colon, but it’s also helpful in caring for wounds. Arnica can be useful in wound care as well, but it can also help to reduce pain. Borage and catnip can be used to calm nerves.

In Conclusion

Dogs can eat a little bit of dill and some other herbs as well, it can even be beneficial for them to do so. It is, however, unlikely that your dog will want to eat plain dill, so your best chance is to add chopped up dill into homemade dog meals or use it as a topping on commercial wet dog food.

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