Can Dogs Eat Crab Meat?

Crab meat is delicious, low in fat, full of protein, and healthy vitamins and minerals. Undoubtedly, crab meat is good for us humans, but what about dogs? Is crab meat healthy for our canine friends as well? Can dogs even eat crab meat? To answer the question, yes, dogs can eat cooked crab meat, however, not too much, and not too often. Also, as crab meat contains iodine, it’s best not to give your dog crab meat if she is allergic to iodine.

Dogs Can Occasionally Eat a Little Crab Meat

While crabs are low in fat and full of protein, vitamin B12 and many other healthy vitamins and minerals, crab meat also contains quite a lot of sodium and cholesterol, and it’s not good for dogs to eat a lot of sodium and cholesterol rich foods. I’m sure you are aware that consuming too much sodium and cholesterol increases your risk of heart diseases. Well, it’s the same with dogs. Also, excess sodium intake can lead to other health problems such as high water loss, seizures, vomiting, diarrhea, and even coma in dogs.

Don’t worry, though, while excess sodium is bad for dogs, your dog will need some sodium for maintaining normal body functions. Therefore, unless your dog is allergic to iodine, she can occasionally eat a piece of crab meat.

Make Sure the Crab Meat Is Thoroughly Cooked

Acan-dogs-eat-crab-meats uncooked seafood can contain bacteria, it’s necessary to thoroughly cook the crab meat before giving it your dog.

Iodine Allergy in Dogs

As crabs contain small amounts of iodine, and some dogs are allergic to iodine, observer your dog carefully when first giving her crab meat. If your dog shows symptoms such as watery eyes and nose, stomach upset or lethargy, your dog might be allergic to iodine, and it’s not a good idea to continue giving your dog crab meat.

In conclusion, provided that your dog is not allergic to iodine, it’s safe to occasionally (a few times a month) let her eat a little bit of cooked crab meat. You can give your dog cooked crab meat as treats or mix it with regular dog food.


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