Can Dogs Eat Clementines?

Clementines are sweet and seedless fruits that are full of vitamin C. If you like to eat clementines, then you might wonder whether it’s something you could share with your dog as well. But can dogs eat clementines? Or is it best not to share this fruit with your pooch?

The short answer would be yes, dogs can eat clementines, but it’s best not to feed your dog a large amount of clementines at once. Eating an excessive amount of clementines or other fruit can upset your dog’s stomach and cause diarrhea. One or two segments would be enough for your canine friend.

Other Things to Know About Giving Your Dog Clementines

Can Dogs Eat Clementines with the Peel?

Dogs should not be fed clementines with the peel.

For one, the peels of clementines contain acidic citrus oil and a compound called d-limonene, which are both likely to upset your dog’s stomach.

For two, a whole clementine can pose a choking hazard to dogs.

Can dogs eat clementines?

If you are enjoying clementines and want to share some with your dog, then know that it’s okay for dogs to eat clementines, but no more than a few segments.

One top of that, a whole clementine would be too much fruit for a dog anyway. But don’t worry, unlike oranges, clementines are very easy to peel. Peeling a clementine and giving a few segments to your dog won’t take more than a few seconds of your time.

Are Clementines Good for Dogs?

Perhaps one of the most important questions is are clementines good for dogs. Why else would you feed your dog these fruits?

Clementines can provide your dog some valuable nutrients like vitamin B6, potassium and dietary fiber. However, the most prominent nutrient in clementines is vitamin C, but dogs don’t need to get vitamin C from food. Dogs’ bodies make all the vitamin C they need themselves.

I would say that dogs can benefit a little from the nutrients clementines have to offer. Yet, these little citrus fruits don’t offer dogs anything they couldn’t get from other food, so it is definitely not necessary to add clementine to your dog’s diet.

However, If your dog happens to like these fruits, you can treat her with a segment or two. There’s no harm in that, as long as it’s only a few segments and not a larger amount.

What about Other Citrus Fruits?

In small amounts, tangerines and oranges are okay for dogs as well. Lemons and limes, however, are not recommended for dogs as they are too acidic.

Conclusion on Can Dogs Eat Clementines

Keep in mind that while dogs can eat clementines, they shouldn’t be fed more than a few segments in a day. And most importantly, don’t forget that you always need to peel this fruit before giving it to your dog.

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