Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

Chicken has always been a popular choice for a good source of lean protein. Chicken is also a good source of vitamin B6, can help with heart health, and is known to prevent bone loss as we age. Undoubtedly, chicken is a great addition to any meal, but if it’s such a great choice for humans, is it also a good choice for our canine companions? Can dogs even eat chicken?

Can Dogs Eat Chicken?

In short, yes, dogs can eat chicken. However, there are a few rules when you decide to throw some chicken scraps in your dog’s food dish.

3 Rules to Follow When Feeding Your Dog Chicken

First off, leave out the bones. Chicken bones are likely to splinter and damage a dog’s intestines. Chicken bones are also a choking hazard. If you’ve made chicken with the bone in, just tear off some of the chicken flesh as a treat for your dog, instead of giving him the whole leg or thigh.

Second, make sure the chicken is cooked.  Raw chicken poses a risk to your dog’s health in the form of bacteria.  Dogs are just as susceptible to bacterial infections from raw meat as we are. While a dog’s ability to handle raw meat is much better than ours, it can be somewhat difficult to keep raw chicken in an environment that doesn’t promote bacteria. Should you like to have your dog try eating raw chicken, consult with your veterinarian first to get some guidelines.


Third, whenever you do give your dog cooked chicken, make sure that the chicken wasn’t cooked with anything that might harm a dog like garlic or onions. It is also a good idea to make sure that the chicken wasn’t cooked with a lot of salt. This pretty much excludes chicken that was deep fried.

Giving your dog chicken on an occasional basis is just fine. The best way is probably just to boil the chicken, cut into cubes and add to your dog’s usual meal.

In conclusion, dogs can eat chicken, in fact, eating cooked chicken is a very healthy option for both you and your dog. And following the above guidelines will make sure that your dog gets to enjoy his bird dinner as much as you do.



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