Can Dogs Eat Chicken Nuggets?

You are snacking on chicken nuggets from McDonald’s or KFC, naturally, your dog starts to beg. She wants you to share this crispy snack with her. Unfortunately, dogs do not know what is okay for them to eat and what is not. Given the chance, they would wolf down just about anything, so it’s up to us to make sure that our pets wouldn’t eat anything dangerous. So, can dogs eat chicken nuggets? In short, the answer is no, chicken nuggets are not safe for dogs.

Why Chicken Nuggets Are Not Okay for Dogs to Eat

Chicken itself is a great source of lean protein for dogs, so why cannot dogs eat chicken nuggets? After all, chicken nuggets are made out of chicken.

One of the reason why chicken nuggets are not okay for dogs is that chicken nuggets are deep fried in vegetable oil, making the nuggets an extremely fat-rich dish. While dogs do need to have plenty of fat in their diet (10-15%), chicken nuggets are about 20% fat, which is unhealthy even for dogs who do not need to worry about bad cholesterol as much as we do. Such fat rich food is especially dangerous for overweight dogs or dogs who have heart problems.

can-dogs-eat-chicken-nuggetsAnother reason why you shouldn’t share chicken nuggets with your canine friend is that chicken nuggets contain an excessive amount of salt. Dogs’ bodies do not tolerate high amounts of salt. Salty food can cause excessive thirst and urination in dogs, and more serious problems like kidney failure.

Last but not least, the kind of processed chicken that is used to make chicken nuggets can be dangerous for dogs. A lot of the chicken in U.S and Canada is processed in China where the food safety standards differ from ours. In fact,  the Food and Drug Administration linked the deaths of over 500 dogs to contaminated chicken found in dog treats processed in China.

Conclusion on Chicken Nuggets

The answer to the question “can dogs eat chicken nuggets?” is definitely no, it is not recommended to feed chicken nuggets to your dog. Your dog will most likely be okay if she accidentally consumed a few nuggets, but if that’s the case, do keep an eye on your dog and contact a veterinarian if you notice anything strange. Giving your dog a chicken nugget on purpose is a very bad idea. Dogs are very likely to like the taste of chicken nuggets because of the high amount fat they contain. If you’ll give your dog one, she will most likely want more. It’s best if your dog never even tries this fast food product.

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