Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Cherries taste amazing and are packed with vitamin A and C, that’s why you might want to feed a few to your dog as well. This takes us to a question: can dogs safely eat cherries?

Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

Yes! Dogs can eat cherries without any harm provided you cautiously remove the pits and seeds. Removing the pits and seeds is important because they contain cyanide, which is poisonous to dogs.

Why Give Your Dog Cherries?

Cherries are good source of antioxidants (anthocyanin) which aid in the reduction of heart diseases and cancer. Unlike blueberries and strawberries, cherries contain abundant quantities of beta carotene. Melatonin, which has been proved to regulate the body’s sleep cycle can also be obtain in cherries. They are rich in vitamins C and E. they also contain nutrients such as potassium, iron, folate, and fiber.

can-dogs-eat-cherriesFor digestive health and weight maintenance, cherries are proven to be important because they are good source of fiber.

They also have anti-inflammatory properties which helps reduce inflammation, arthritis, and gout. This effects is due to the anthocyanin in cherries that help to prevent oxidative damages. Because of the anti-inflammatory properties of cherries, they are said to reduce joint soreness in runners. For extremely active dogs, cherries can prevent them from having soreness.

Feeding Your Dog Cherries

This is really important because care must be taking to ensure that pits and seeds are completely removed from cherries before feeding dogs. Again, you must never allow dogs to eat the leaves or the stems. Only the flesh is good to feed dogs. If you do feed your dog cherries in your kids presence, make sure you let them know the reason why they must not allow dogs to eat the seeds.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Cherries with Seeds?

Depending on the quantities of seeds the dog eat, the possible effects may be a stomach disorder. In case you don’t know the quantity of the seed, it would be for the best to visit the vet.

In Conclusion

The answer to the question “can dogs eat cherries” is yes, but remember to never let your dog eat the stems, leaves or seeds as those contain poisonous cyanide.


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