Can Dogs Eat Butter?

Butter is not exactly what comes to mind when you think about dog food or “human foods” that are good for dogs as well. Would it, though, be okay to include butter in home made dog food? Can dogs eat butter?

Can Dogs Eat Butter?

A small amount of butter in your dog’s food is most likely not going to harm him or her, however, it is best to avoid giving dogs butter, especially in large quantities, because butter is made out of milk, and is therefore a dairy product, which are definite no-no’s for most dogs.

The problem with dairy products for dogs is that they contain lactose, and most dogs are lactose intolerant. Meaning that they cannot break down lactose.

Besides, butter is a very fat-rich product, and a regular fat rich diet can cause pancreatitis in dogs.

It’s Best Not to Give Your Dog Butter

can-dogs-eat-butterTo sum it all up, the answer to the questions whether it would be okay for a dog to eat butter, is that a small amount is not going to cause any serious health problems in your, however, it’s definitely recommend to keep butter off your dog’s menu because, for one, it’s a dairy product, which dogs have trouble digesting, and, for two, it’s likely to put your dog in the risk of getting pancreatitis.

Give Your Dog Unsalted Peanut Butter Instead

While it’s not recommended to give your dog butter, it is okay, in moderate amounts, to give your dog unsalted peanut butter. In fact, unsalted peanut butter is rather good for dogs, and a lot of dogs absolutely love it as well. To read more about feeding your dog peanut butter, see Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter.


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