Can Dogs Eat Animal Crackers?

can-dogs-eat-animal-crackersAnimal crackers are teeny cookies in the shape of animals, and as they taste pretty good, it’s hard to resist them. The question we like to ask today about animal crackers, though, is whether it would be okay to share them with your dog. So, can dogs eat animal crackers?

The answer would be yes, animal crackers are safe for dogs to eat in small amounts.

However, make sure that the animal crackers you are about to share with your dog do not include raisins, chocolate or anything else that’s dangerous for dogs to eat.

For more information on what’s dangerous for dogs to eat, see 10 Most Dangerous Foods Your Dog Really Can’t Eat.

Also, keep in mind that while it’s safe for dogs to eat animal crackers, they wouldn’t really get that much valuable nutrients from eating animal crackers, and that’s why I would not recommend to feed your dog a lot of animal crackers at once.

Animal crackers are harmless, though, so it’s okay to use them as occasional treats for your dog.


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