Can Dogs Eat Almond Butter?

Can dogs eat almond butter? If you find yourself wondering whether it would be safe for your dog to eat almond butter, then know that almond butter, just like peanut butter, is safe for dogs in moderate quantities. In fact, almond butter might even be better for your dog than peanut butter.

Almond Butter Is Better for Dogs than Peanut Butter

While both peanut butter and almond butter have the same amount of fiber, the differences really show in the vitamins! Almond butter has a substantial advantage over peanut butter when it comes to vitamin E. Your dog’s body needs vitamin E for a healthy skin and coat, and it can even help her recover from some health conditions and is essential for normal metabolism. Almond butter is also higher in magnesium and iron.

A few dangers lurk in your peanut butter jar that you may not be aware of, and can help you make up your mind to switch to giving your dog almond butter instead. Peanut butter is 50% saturated fat, and eating fat-rich foods like that can increase the risk of your dog developing pancreatitis. Almond butter contains substantially less fat (14%).

Can Dogs Eat Any Type of Almond Butter?

can-dogs-eat-almond-butterDogs cannot eat any type of almond butter. The best option for dogs is plain, natural almond butter without any added flavors.

Definitely make sure that the almond butter is free of xylitol and chocolate. Xylitol is an artifical sweetener that is poisonous for dogs. Chocolate, as I’m sure you already know, is also downright toxic to dogs. It goes without saying, but don’t feed your dog almond butter containing xylitol or chocolate.

Another thing to avoid is added salt because dogs cannot tolerate excessive salt.

How Can I Give Almond Butter to My Dog?

First, make sure that the almond butter you plan on feeding your dog doesn’t contain anything that is dangerous for her.

KONG toys can be filled with almond butter, you can also mix almond butter with canned pumpkin and bake it for a crunchy home made doggy treat!

The answer to the question “Can dogs is eat almond butter?” is definitely yes, but if you really want to include this treat into your dog’s diet, remember to moderate the quantity. One or two tablespoons a day would be an okay amount for small dogs, medium and large size dogs can have a little bit more.


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