Can Dogs Eat Acorns?

If there are oak trees near your house or if you take your dog walking to a park with oak trees, your dog might get interested of acorns – the nuts of the oak trees. She might even try to eat them. So you might wonder, “can dogs eat acorns?”

Can Dogs Eat Acorns?

No, dogs cannot eat acorns! In fact, acorns are poisonous for dogs. The substance in acorns toxic for dogs is called gallotanin. If a dog would eat acorns, she would most likely get gallotanin poisoning, which, in the worst case scenario, can lead to kidney failure.

Other Parts of Oak Trees Are Just as Dangerous

It’s not only acorns that are dangerous for dogs. Tree bark, leaves, bud, and even water contaminated by oak leaves are just as dangerous for dogs to consume.can-dogs-eat-acorns

In conclusion, you should never let your dog eat acorns or anything else coming from oak trees, and if your dog is still a puppy be extremely careful around oak trees as puppies are likely to chew on almost anything while they are teething.

If your dog is showing signs of gallotanin poisoning (the signs of gallotanin poisoning are the following: cramps, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea), take her to the vet.


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