Can Dogs Drink Lemonade?

If you like to cure your thirst with a glass of lemonade, then you might wonder whether lemonade is something you could let your dog drink as well. So, can dogs drink lemonade? Well, the short answer would be that it’s not recommended to give lemonade to your dog. Drinking lemonade wouldn’t do anything good for your dog, in fact, the sugar from lemonade would be rather bad for your dog’s dental health.

Why Dogs Cannot Drink Lemonade

There’s actually two reasons why dogs cannot drink lemonade. For one, the citric acid would upset your dog’s stomach. For two, lemonade contains an unhealthy amount of sugar. In the short term, excessive sugar is bad for dogs, because it makes them hyper-active. In the long term, sugar and sugary drinks like lemonade can cause tooth decay in dogs.

The Best Drink for Your Dog Would Be Water

It’s okay that dogs cannot drink lemonade or other sugary drinks because they are totally okay drinking only water. So, simply make sure that your dog always has access to plenty of clean water, and she’ll be both happy and healthy.


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