10 Common House Training Mistakes You Need to Avoid

House training is one of the most important things to do when bringing a new puppy into your home. As dogs are naturally clean animals who do not want to soil their den, house training your new puppy should not be difficult, provided that you do everything correctly. To help you successfully house train your new little friend, we’ve put together this list of 10 common mistakes you need to avoid.

House Training Mistake #1: Scolding and Hitting!

What do you do when your dog has an accident in the house? One of the most common ways to react is to bring your dog back to the scene of the accident, stick her nose in it, and scold her or even worse, hit her. Before we go any further, let me just say: THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG! It is not only wrong in a moral sense, but it also serves no purpose. Dog behavioral studies have shown that punishing a dog after an accident doesn’t help house training at all. The dog won’t understand why she is being punished. Scolding or punishing your dog after she has an accident only hurts your relationship with her.

House Training Mistake #2: Carrying your puppy outside!

Another big mistake people often make is picking up and carrying their puppies out when they need to go potty. For your puppy to learn to ask out, she needs to know how to get out. Unless it’s a last minute emergency situation, always guide the puppy out instead of picking her up and carrying her out yourself. That way, your puppy will learn the way to her bathroom and you can one day be a proud owner of a dog who will alert you that they need to go out by scratching at the outside door. The same applies if you are training your dog to use a pee pad or a litter box. If you guide your puppy to the appropriate place, she will soon learn to go there on her own.

House Training Mistake #3: Confusing the dog!

After the dog has had an accident, some people like to bring their puppy to their potty area to tell the dog that this is the place to go potty, not the inappropriate place where they had an accident. Let me just save you the walk by letting you know that this doesn’t work. The dog won’t understand it and will only be confused.

House Training Mistake #4: Letting your dog watch as you clean up the mess!

Some people believe that letting their dogs see them cleaning up the mess after they have had an accident will encourage the puppy to use the bathroom inside, since it will just be cleaned up later. This is not true. Mother dogs always clean up after their puppies and never correct them, which results in puppies leaving the den around the age of 3 weeks to go potty somewhere else as their instincts take over

House Training Mistake #5: Not picking a phrase to induce her to potty!

A lot of people think that it’s wrong to talk to their doggies while they are trying to potty. They believe that talking to the dog will disturb her and she won’t go. This is also not true. In fact, you can choose a phrase, e.g. “Do it”, and say it every time your dog eliminates. That will make your dog associate the phrase “do it” with “doing it”, and this phrase alone will soon induce her to potty.

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