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  1. Mark at | | Reply

    It’s a good thing dogs cannot eat pistachios. Because, you know, while I do love my dog, I love my pistachios more.

  2. Jane T. at | | Reply

    I actually once offered my dog some pistachios from my hand. He didn’t take any. I guess he knew it won’t be good for him.

  3. Alex at | | Reply

    It’s funny how something like pistachios that really are rather good for our health, can be bad or downright toxic for our pet dogs. Good work writing about this topic, though. One might ask who would even come up with something like feeding pistachios to his/her dog but I’m sure a lot of people do share what they eat with their dogs and that’s one way how a dog might accidentally eat pistachios or something else that’s not really good for them. I think it’s important that people know what their dogs can and cannot eat.

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