Can Dogs Eat Pancakes?

Pancakes are a popular breakfast food all around the world. As pancakes are rich in carbohydrates, valuable vitamins and minerals, they are definitely good to eat for breakfast, at least for us humans. What about dogs, though? Can dogs eat pancakes as well?

Dogs Can Eat Pancakes in Moderation

Yes, dogs can eat pancakes. However, as pancakes usually contain quite a lot of fat, it is not recommended to let your dog eat an excessive amount of pancakes at once.

No Sugary Extras for Your Dog

While it’s okay for dogs to occasionally eat a pancake or two, do not give your dog pancakes with maple syrup or whipped cream — sweets are not good for dogs.

Blueberries and Bananas  are Good

can-dogs-eat-pancakesWhile all the sugary things we like to put on our pancakes are not good for dogs, most fruits and berries would be fine for your dog. In fact, blueberries and bananas would be rather good for your dog’s health. For one, Blueberries can improve your dog’s eyesight and prevent age-related loss of vision. Bananas, though, are believed to reduce the risk of cancer. Pouring peanut butter on your dog’s pancakes is a good idea as well — peanut butter is full of fats that are good for heart and vessels.

In conclusion, while dogs can eat pancakes, avoid giving your dog pancakes with sugary extras. Also, as pancakes are quite fat-rich, it is recommended not to let your dog eat an excessive amount of pancakes at once.


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