Can Dogs Eat Ketchup?

Ketchup is a really popular sweet sauce. I’m not the biggest fan of ketchup myself, however, a lot of people consume ketchup almost every day. A lot of people also feed their left overs to their dogs. That’s one way how somebody’s dog could end up eating ketchup. However, can dogs even eat ketchup? No! Ketchup is considered toxic for dogs.

Both Ketchup and Tomatoes are Dangerous for Dogs

If your dog eats ketchup or tomatoes, she might get hemolytic anemia.


Although the tomato sauce on the picture looks delicious, it’s toxic for dogs.

The common symptoms of hemolytic anemia are the following:  fever, vomiting, weakness, collapse.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you shouldn’t feed ketchup or tomatoes to your dog. Even if she didn’t get sick that one time you did feed her ketchup with left over french fries or tomatoes. It’s just not worth the risk. There’s plenty of things you can feed your dog without having to worry about setting her health at risk.

4 Responses to “Can Dogs Eat Ketchup?

  • Shirley Moore
    3 years ago

    I’ve not much considered this issue. Think back, I’m pretty sure that I’ve given my dog left over fries from McDonalds or somewhere like that. Frankly, I never even considered that fact that there might have been some left over ketchup on those fries. Thanks for the article. I definitely need to be more careful with what I feed to my dog in the future.

  • Thank God I’ve never given ketchup to my dog. I did not know that dogs can’t eat ketchup.

  • Christian
    2 years ago

    I was just feeding my dog ketchup and I looked this up and took it away before he ate too much thankyou

  • Hi thank you very much because my dog almost ate a drop of ketchup on the floor so I cleaned it just in case then I wondered are ketchup bad for dogs

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