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  1. Shirley Moore at | | Reply

    I’ve not much considered this issue. Think back, I’m pretty sure that I’ve given my dog left over fries from McDonalds or somewhere like that. Frankly, I never even considered that fact that there might have been some left over ketchup on those fries. Thanks for the article. I definitely need to be more careful with what I feed to my dog in the future.

  2. Maria at | | Reply

    Thank God I’ve never given ketchup to my dog. I did not know that dogs can’t eat ketchup.

  3. Christian at | | Reply

    I was just feeding my dog ketchup and I looked this up and took it away before he ate too much thankyou

  4. Tiffany at | | Reply

    Hi thank you very much because my dog almost ate a drop of ketchup on the floor so I cleaned it just in case then I wondered are ketchup bad for dogs

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