Can Dogs Eat Jicama?

can-dogs-eat-jicamaIf you have a taste for jicama, you might wonder can dogs eat jicama as well.

Can Dogs Eat Jicama?

Yes, dogs can eat jicama. Both fresh and cooked jicama is okay for dogs to eat. Keep in mind, though, that only the root of the plant is edible, the seeds and other above-ground parts of the plant are not only inedible but toxic to dogs as well as humans.

While it’s okay to give your dog jicama root, make sure to peel jicama before giving it to your dog.

Why Add Jicama to Your Dog’s Diet?

If your dog has a taste for this sweet Mexican vegetable, it would be a good idea to occasionally give your dog a jicama or two as while jicama is low in calories, it’s rich in fiber and other essential nutrients.

In conclusion, while dogs can eat the root of jicama, never give your dog the seeds or other above-ground parts of the vegetable because only the root is edible.


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