Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

If hummus is one of your favorite dishes, you might want to share it with your four-legged best friend, but that raises a question: can dogs eat hummus? The answer, though, is no, it wouldn’t be good for dogs to eat hummus.

While Dogs Can Eat Chickpeas, They Cannot Eat Hummus

While dogs can eat chickpeas (the main ingredient of hummus), and even benefit from its nutritional value, some other hummus ingredients like lemon juice and garlic make hummus a definite no-no food for all dogs.

The garlic in hummus is the main reason why it wouldn’t be a good idea to give hummus to your dog — according to the Pet Poison Helpline, garlic is mildly to moderately poisonous to dogs.

The citric acid from the lemon juice, though, wouldn’t be good for your dog either.

In Conclusion

While hummus does taste pretty good, it’s best not to share this dish with your dog.

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