Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

If you like edamame, you might be wondering if it would be okay to share edamame with your dog as well.

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

edamame-beans-dogsDogs can eat fresh edamame. However, you should avoid feeding your dog edamame dishes since edamame beans are normally prepared with a fair amount of salt and dogs do not like salt. In fact, salt is toxic for dogs and if a dog would eat an excessive amount of salt, it could lead to salt poisoning.

Remember it’s okay to share edamame beans with your dog only if the edamame beans are not cooked with a lot of salt. 

6 Responses to “Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

  • My dog might like edamame beans, but I’m not gonna share mine with her. I like edamame beans too much myself.

  • My dog loves to just about everything. I haven’t yet tried if he likes edamame beans or not, though.

  • I did not know that dogs can eat edamame beans. Thanks for the info!

  • Mine loves edamame beans -but feed them slowly and preferably one at a time as they have a tendency to not digest/ break down the beans and you find whole, intact beans in their stool the next day !

  • I get dry roasted edamame and fresh green beans. My dog thinks they are both treats. That has to be healthier than factory made biscuits for dogs.

  • My lil chihuahua loves edamame beans. I wasnt sure if dogs could have them or not. I also love them as well.

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