Can Dogs Eat Cheetos?

If you like Cheetos cheese puffs, you might wonder can dogs eat Cheetos as well? The answer, though, is no, it’s not recommended to give Cheetos to your dog.

For one, Cheetos contains quite a few things (e.g. onion powder, garlic powder, high amounts of sodium) that are poisonous to dogs.


For two, Cheetos doesn’t really contain anything that would be good for a dog to eat, and is high in carbohydrates. A diet high in carbohydrates, though, could result in obesity in dogs.

So, the answer to the questions “Can dogs eat Cheetos?” is definitely no. However, if your dog already had one or two Cheetos cheese puffs, don’t worry as I doubt they’ll cause serious damage to your dog’s health, but do make sure you dog doesn’t eat any more Cheetos cheese puffs.

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